The Digital Age has transformed the recruitment process and jobseekers need to be aware of this. Recruiters will go to all lengths and measures to research a potential candidate, including scanning your online presence.

So here’s what NOT to do on social media:

  1. Compromising Photos

Revealing and compromising photos of yourself or others are a definite ‘no no’. It does not send off the right kind of message to future employees about yourself and your values.

  1. Opinionated Posts

Although an opinion can show strength of character and intelligence, more often than not, Social Media is NOT the place. Try to keep your social media presence as un-opinionated as possible. You never know what values or political position your future employee may hold and you certainly don’t want to compromise your job opportunity by expressing views that they don’t agree with.

  1. Poor Language

This seems like a pretty obvious one but you’d be surprised just how many people use explicit language and swear words online. Your policy should be: “if you wouldn’t say it in your interview, don’t put it online.”

  1. Racist Behaviour & Sexual References

Another obvious DO NOT. Employers will definitely be turned off by racist behaviour and will not find racial jokes humorous.

  1. Posting Personal and Confidential Information

Posting personal or confidential information such as your current income or the average salary of other colleagues is a definite DON’T. This not only shows incredible stupidity, but it also indicates to your employee a lack of credibility and character.

  1. Arguing/Fighting with Others

This is one of the most common mistakes made by job searchers online. You’d be surprised at the amount of people who engage in arguments and fights online. Not only is this an inefficient way of resolving conflict, it also does not need to be broadcast to the rest of the world! And this does not project a good image of yourself to future employers.

  1. Attempting to ‘friend’ or ‘add’ People Who Just Interviewed You

No matter how friendly an interviewer may seem, and no matter how well you may think you kicked it off– adding them on social media is NEVER a good idea. It shows unprofessionalism and can make things very awkward. AND if they hadn’t already stalked your online profile, they will have by now.

  1. Paying-out ex Colleges, Bosses or Workplaces

Although another very obvious DON’T, it happens far too often. Whether you’re still working there or have left, it shows more about your own personality and character than it does the person/place being paid out.